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The City of Stockholm launches a new version of – The Official Visitors Guide. The new site is responsive, meaning that it provides a good user experience, regardless of whether the visitor surfs through a smart phone, web or tablet.

The new site,[1], highlights Stockholm as a multifaceted city, inspires and guides visitors in the city.

– Stockholm is one of the world’s leading innovative cities. We want to give the visitors a first-class experience and we do this with the site, said Peter Lindqvist, CEO of Stockholm Visitors Board. With the new design, innovative interface and a concept based on a powerful search engine, we want to inspire people to explore Stockholm.

On we have seen a huge increase in mobile users over the past year. In June 2013, 30 percent of the site visits came from smart phones and tablets. That has doubled compared to the same period last year.

The new [2]is in English and will initially live alongside with, available in eight languages.

– allows us to optimize and improve the site continuously and be responsive to visitors’ comments, explains Peter Lindqvist, CEO of Stockholm Visitors Board.

 In autumn, the development of the new site will continue. has been developed in collaboration with the digital agency Creuna[3].

In 2012, Stockholm had 10.8 million commercial guest nights, of which 3.6 million during the summer months of June through August. The last ten years the number of guest nights doubled and our goal is to reach 15 million nights in 2020.

For more information contact

Ann-Charlotte Jönsson, PR Manager, Stockholm Visitors Board, tel: 08508 28507

Peter Lindqvist, CEO of Stockholm Visitors Board, tel: 08 508 28 550


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